How to sharpen a handplane?

If you are a professional cabinet maker or furniture builder, then you should have the hand plane in your shop. The hand plane is the tool that is used for sharpening the wood by using muscle power

Usually, the hand plane is used to cut the angle and give the wood an excellent finish.

The larger cutter replaces the hand plane for the larger projects, but the hand plane is used for the small project. After several uses, the blade of the hand plane will lose its sharpness.

If you are thinking of how to sharpen a hand plane, then follow the following steps carefully. It will help you to sharpen your hand plane to a great extend.

Collect the necessary products

You have to collect several products which you will need in the process of sharpening the hand plane. Melamine stone will help you to locate the edge of the hand plane. Plane blade sharpening is one of the extraordinary processes which will make your work more accurate and faster. Stone will help to sharpen the edge without slipping the plane. When you are learning to sharpen the edge of the hand plane, the stone will help you learn quickly.

You will also find several guides that will give you enough information about getting a plane blade sharp.

First work at the backside

In this step, you have to work from the backside of the hand plane. First, you should remove the blade from the hand plane. After that, you should be careful in removing the iron cap of the edge. When the hand plane blade is made in the factory, it will leave some swirly marks which have to be removed from the blade. However, if we remove the characters, it will give you excellent sharpening.

Use aerosol for outstanding results on the stone.

Hone the edge

The next step of the process is to hone the edge from the hand plane. When you buy a hand plane from the factory, the angle of the blade is 20°, but for everyday work of the furniture building, you have to have the 30° inclination. This blade angle will give you many benefits, and it will also give you an excellent finishing.

You have to work carefully on the stone when you sharpen the blade of the hand plane.

Great result

In the final step, you have to test the edge of the hand plane on the wood. This will give satisfaction and finishing in your next project.